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Personalization of Books

How the Personalization Process Works

After you have purchased the book, I will email you (make sure you used a valid email address in your checkout process) to request a copy of your text, the name of the recipient , and who you want listed in the “From” field. I will format it and email you within 48 hours an image of what the text looks like for you to proofread. You will email me back a confirmation, and the book will be sent to print.

After confirmation, you should receive your Fine Art Book within three weeks by FedEx. Times may vary slightly based upon seasons (i.e. Christmas).


How Much Can I Add to the Book?

If you need more than four pages of space, please contact me before you purchase the book and tell me what your desire is for the project.

Can More Than One Person Include a Letter?


If, for instance, both sets of parents would like to include letters to the children being married, I can definitely arrange for this to happen.

If you need more than four pages of content, please contact me first, so I can understand the range of the project.

I encourage you to make sure all those providing content are able to have it prepared within a couple of days of purchase. It is easier when the letters have been provided before the project starts.

Do I Need to Include a Letter?


If you feel the book says everything you want it to say, then feel free to skip the inclusion of a personal letter. However, I highly encourage you to rethink this option. Everyone has a story from their own life that can impact another. Share your life. Impact those you love the most with the lessons you have learned.


Once payment has been received, there is no refund. This is a custom book made specifically for the one you love.

I encourage you to proofread what is sent to you before the book goes to print. You are responsible for any errors within the personalized text.

I recommend you develop your letter before you purchase. This not only enables you to receive your Fine Art Book quicker, but it allows you time to think about the message you wish to convey. Children and grandchildren value lessons from those they love more than any other person. You have the ability to speak into their lives in a special way. You are providing them a wonderful means to revisit important concepts. Your voice speaks throughout time.

* I retain the right to refuse any project*