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Fine Art Velvet Print

Nothing is more outstanding than fine art paper. Fine Art prints are printed on 100% cotton. This is an acid free, archival paper. Prints are vibrant, and the paper is smooth and beautiful.

All Fine Art Velvet *prints* come mounted on a 1/8 Masonite. Masonite is a traditional fine art mounting surface. It provides a heavy duty, long lasting substrate. It is highly recommended that you frame these prints.

Please note* 10x10 Fine Art Prints, and 40x60 Fine Art Prints are NOT mounted.


Fine Art Velvet paper is a delicate surface. It is less resistant to scratches than other kinds of prints. It must be handled with care, and it is recommended you have it framed.



Sizes differ between products, please use the drop down option within each page to identify the price and the size that is available for that particular piece of art; however, these are the most common.

Fine Art 

8 x 10 editions of 20

16 x 24 editions of 15

30 x 40 editions of 10

40 x 60 editions of 5 *No Masonite Backing*

10 x 10 editions of 20 *No Masonite Backing*

20 x 20 editions of 15

30 x 30 editions of 10 


Because of the custom nature of prints, some artwork might be slightly cropped. This will be done at the artist’s discretion.